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EOL -The Total Benefit Solution

Employee Online (EOL) provides a web-based Human Resources Technology Solution that provides HR integration services that are cost-effective and easy to use.

The EOL solution can help employers manage and track all employee data from recruitment to retirement. With EOL, data integration and organizational updates are on-line, quick and easy to use.

And employees are part of the solution, too. With EOL, employees can update personal information and keep HR data up-to-date.

EOL provides employers and employees with a host of on-line tools to assist with work and life event management. Support tools include benefit information, links to providers, on-line benefit enrollment, financial planning and product purchase assistance for company voluntary offerings.

With EOL there are no major technology expenditures. EOL hosts the application. That means you don't pay for hardware or any software upgrades. The applications can be customized to meet your specific needs or if a "no frills /pure vanilla" solution is what you need to get you started, we have a standard package which is ready to go. And because we have off-shore capabilities (our Bangalore, India facility), we can provide timely, cost-effective customization.

Providing products and services that streamline HR administration, a cost-effective solution which uses the latest web technology and a point and click design that makes updates easy for employees to use and HR to monitor is EOL's commitment to its users/clients.


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